The fact that Eric is born in 1961, is not the reason he named his company e61 Photography. In 1961 the Italian firm Faema launched a new type off espresso machine, naming it e61. Eric has a profound love for good coffee. In 2003 Eric almost bought a refurbished e61 espresso machine. Almost, the machine went to a higher bidder. Instead Eric named his photo studio “e61″ adding Photography later.

Mixing his photographic and computer enhancement skills, Eric injects a sense of realism into the unreal, making the impossible possible. This, he calls the “art” of photography.

Eric has his roots firmly in traditional photography. Having received his first Kodak camera on his 12 birthday, a passion was quickly developed that has remained with him to this day. In the late 80′s Eric was taken on by the renowned ED|photo studio in Eindhoven.  It was there that Eric honed his photographic skills working as a studio assistant.

Eric had acquired his computing skills 10 years earlier, when he worked as a graphic designer at an advertisement agency.  In 1990 he started working with the Adobe Photoshop software package.  What started as a method of correcting photos; evolved into producing art by combining aspects of multiple images.

Recently (2011) Eric has begun to make wetplates. A photographic technique that has its origin in the middle of the 19th century.